“I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.”

spekulasie_winesSpekulasie Estate wine is still hand crafted. During the month of February grapes are harvested by hand, carefully selected and sorted after which it is made into  unique wines using traditional methods. During the making of our wines, only natural water is used in the cellar activities. This is all done with much love and care by the family themself.

The flagship is a blend named after the Louw family ancestor Jan Pieterzoon. The wines are easily recognized by their complex aromas, soft tannins and long finish.

The history goes as far back as 1659 when  Jan Pieterzoon (the first Louw) arrived in the Cape from the Netherlands. After his arrival, he was granted a piece of land and became one of the first vrijburgers who farmed on the banks of the Liesbeeck river in Cape Town. He became one of a few who succeeded as a farmer until his death in 1691. Since 1689 he adopted the surname Louw.

During the early 1700’s some of the Louw’s relocated to the  Swartland where their descendants still farm. 300 Years later Jan Pieterzoon’s passion for winemaking was relived when Johan Louw planted Spekulasie’s first vineyard in 1998 and corked the first wine in 2005.  The unique wine de Pieterzoon is blended every year during a special evening with friends and family.

The wines include a perfect blend “de Pieterzoon”, a breathtaking Shiraz “de Beatrix” and an extremely sophisticated Rosé named “The Elizabeth”.

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